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    McAfee Endpoint Security install freeze


      Hello together


      I want to install the McAfee Endpoint Security over Security as a Service Website. I could download the package without any problem.


      But while installing the installation always freezes at 25% while "Installing Prerequisites". I let it running for some days now but nothing happen.

      Freeze is meant like doesn't go further not process is crashing or hanging.


      I also tried restarts and the McAfee Removal Tools to get back to a clean system.


      The McAfee_Common_Bootstrapper Log in the %tmp% shows the following:


      [3576] [BootstrapperMain] Common:Build number - 2274 , Package number - 15

      [3576] [BootstrapperMain] Package MA version Minimum MA Build supported is

      [3576] [BootstrapperMain] Commandline: /qn /ignore /norestart

      [3576] [BootstrapperMain] Commandline: /qn /ignore /norestart

      [3576] [BootstrapperMain] System already has MSXML 6 installed

      [3576] [BootstrapperMain] Unable to read MigrationInfo.xml.No migration will be performed.

      [3576] [BootstrapperMain] Module already installed


      Some on got any tips for me? I don't want to install the Server new.


      Greetings Patrick