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    got a suspicious EMail for renewing my products... - true or spam/phishing???


      Hi everybody,


      got a mail these days - in my native language German - as reminder that my products will end in thirty days.


      Sensational offer, 15 % discount for one year or 50 % for two years! So the two years offer is cheaper than one year! Sounds incredible!


      Thats what I think/ask - a true offer or a fake/phishing try?


      Opened the mail in my browser because Firebird wasn't allowed to download all things in the mail - found nothing except the links to succeed for renewing.


      But I am careful... I'll still hesitating...


      Does somebody knew these type of mails?


      It's "header" is correct:

      Correct Email-Adress of registration, correct duration of my product, only thing: The product ist not written exactly the same as in my account.


      And there is one mistakes in the mail:


      "2 Jahrs" - translatet to " 2 years" - but should be correct in German be " 2 Jahre"


      Can somebody help me if that is a correct Email or am I faked?


      Thanks Markus from German

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