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    DLP Diagnostics


      Hi everyone,

      I'm trying to figure out why one of my test WinXP pc won't download or apply my DLP policies.

      It installs the DLP agent but it doesn't actually block any USB flash drives


      I have tested these policies on a different pair of machines both in WinXP and Win7 and they work.

      I'm using DLP 9.3 and my diagnostic tool is of the same version.

      in light of this issue i downloaded the DLP diagnostic tool.


      When i run the tool on my test Pc i have to generate a validation code but this fails on my EPO server.

      see screenshot.


      DLP bypass client key.JPG



      Do you guys have any suggestions on how i can check what policies are downloaded to my test pc or how i can fix the bypass client key validation code.

      or how i can figure out why the policies have not downloaded to my test pc.




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