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    Duplicate systems different GUID


      Hi All


      i have an issue that I am sure others may well be facing. what i have is duplicated entried showing up for systems due to the different connectivity options they have available. In one day we could have a system run from wired to wireless and via VPN (Cisco). All use their own adaptors and all have their own MAC address, so I end up with 3 entries for the same system. this can cause an issue for policy deployment as they sometimes end up in Lost & Found, and also screws with reporting and license allocation numbers.

      Does anyone else have a similar environment setup, and how do you deal with these? I would have thought with the range of connectivity options available that the McAfee agents would simply use the GUID to check if it is managed and the update the details for the specified connection and not create an entirely new entry

      As our workforce is highly mobile with Endpoint Encryption I would rather not run a task to delete duplicates as this has an ability at times to cause issues with Encryption.

      Anyone know if this type of behaviour is resolved in Agent version 5?

      Running EPO 5.1.1

      Agent 4.8.1500

      Windows 7 systems