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    VirusScan stopping at 99%


      I have a problem with VirusScan stopping at 99% and failing to complete a scan. I am using the workaround TS102052 but have to apply it on each full on-demand scan (the type of scan I use most). This is not ideal, it should be possible to run a scan without having to go through other procedures and this is a long-standing issue, I have been using the patch since May and had the problem for 6 months or so before that!


      As this is a known issue, is there a permanent solution on the way maybe in the 2015 release?


      I am running a Windows 7 64 bit PC


      Anti Virus & Spyware Version 17.6

      Build 17.6.394

      Last update 9/11/14

      Engine version 2067.0

      Engine creation date 8/11/14


      Have performed various reinstalls for Internet Security 2013 & 2014, hardware has been checked with a Dell diagnostic utility and Virtual Technician has been run, everything seems fine and is up to date.


      Not particularly happy, can you help please?



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