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    Replace 5500A with 5500C?


      Can anyone tell me if I can swap out a 5500A (Dell) with a 5500C (Intel) and use the existing rails that the 5500A is using?


      I am about to upgrade HW and am wondering if I'll have to swap out rails.......

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          I talked to some hardware gurus here and since the rails are different it is very likely that you have to swap the rails. I cannot give 100% guarantee since I have not seen them myself though.




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            For asabban:


            Can I ask you a few questions concerning the 5500C appliances.

            1.     We are currently using in a vm environment - Can I assume that the 5500C operate on 7.4  (or need 7.5 ?)

            2.     I am lead to believe these appliances are customised for the WG environment - is information available with tech. stats etc.