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    Is McAfee Total Protection & Virus Protection Plus compatible with MacBook Pro/Maverick OS?


      First off, please forgive my lack of experience with computers. Needless to say, I'm in way over my head.


      I usually stick with a desktop with Windows, but we decided to invest in the MacBook Pro. I purchased McAfee Total Protection (came with 3 licenses) since the website indicated it was used for both pc and Mac. It came with AntiVirus Plus (which I have 2 licenses for).  I am attempting to determine if McAfee is really protecting the MacBook. I cannot find any app, downloads or anything with McAfee listed under files, applications, documents, etc with the MacBook. However, when I log into McAfee/My Account, it does list the MacBook as being protected under Total Protection but not AntiVirus Plus.


      A. How do I ensure that the MacBook is fully protected?

      B. Is the McAfee software not compatible with the MacBook Pro/Maverick OS? If not, can anyone recommend software that is?

      C. Unrelated to McAfee, but if someone could instruct me on how to disable the $%#@ popups on this stupid MacBook, I'd be eternally grateful and I might be able to refrain from throwing this infuriating contraption through the window . Rant done.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!