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    Vulnerability Manager


      Can you please advice how i can test mcafee Vulnerability scan tool.

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          Peter M

          I have altered your user name to hide the email part for your own safety and privacy.  You will have to log out and back in again as kabdullah.


          What is the name of the main software suite that this is part of?  Because I have to move this to another area and I am not sure which one.


          You also need to explain more as to what exactly you wish to do as Vulnerability Scanner is merely a tool, you simply use it if you wish to.


          If you answer the above question I might be able to explain more.

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            Vulnerability Scanner is an amazing utility used to check for Software Vulnerabilities present within the PC. It scans for applications and checks if they are up to date. If not it will notify you with the details of apps that are not up to date. You can either choose to Scan manually or schedule a Scan at your convenient time.


            Open McAfee GUI > PC and Network Tools > Vulnerability Scanner.

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              Peter M

              Selvan, the user posted in  Business, don't their products also have this feature?  That's why I haven't yet moved the thread.

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                Ex_Brit Ahh ....I missed it. Let 's See what user comes back with..!

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                  Peter M

                  As there has been no response I moved this to Consumer > Vulnerability Scanner.

                  Assuming you have the consumer/retail version of the software you can locate the help files by opening the McAfee GUI and clicking Help at the right side then Help again on the next page.

                  It takes a while to load.  You will see in there help files pertaining to Vulnerability Scanner.  If the page doesn't load at first try reopening it a few times.

                  The Vulnerability Scanner or VS is in the main software interface, PC and Home Network Tools.

                  The VS isn't something you can test really, all you can do is run it and see what the results are.  You can choose whether or not to nstall what it recommends.

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                    Actually I don’t know what is the scope of MacAfee Vulnerability Scanner tool, is it scan my local network and all devices inside it (printers, scanners, pc, servers and etc..) or my external network, or my web applications?


                    Can I have support in case I needed to test the tool and see how to generate reports?


                    Is this tool showing the gaps and how to fix it?


                    I have like 2000 IP in my network.

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                      Peter M

                      What McAfee product are you using, you still haven't answered that.  Please give a name.

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                        I'm not using any so far, i'm looking to for using MacAfee Vulnerability Scanner tool



                        is it possible to have help to install trial tool in order to test the product ?

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                          Peter M

                          It is called Vulnerability Manager not Vulnerability Scanner Tool hence the confusion as there is such a thing as that name, but in consumer products,


                          I have moved this to Vulnerability Manager (Foundstone) in the hope that someone with that product expertise can now pick up the conversation.   Please wait for someone to respond.

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