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    Is this a genuine McAfee reseller?


      I ask, as I am currently deciding on what internet security solution to install on my machine, and McAfee's rating has gone up at avtest.  The site is here McAfee Software

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                                   This is my personal opinion only. I have always dealt with McAfee directly when Purchasing/Renewing. While (Winferno) may indeed be a Re-seller. There has been instances in the past, that involved one having to Deal with Winferno, opposed to directly from McAfee.


                                     Plus no jumping through "Hoops" getting the rebates. In addition to that, you are self assured that no other software is bundled with-in your Download. McAfee has special discounts as well, and a 30 day reimbursement should you have any issues.


                                      You may contact McAfee Customer Service via Phone/chat 24/7 and it is (Free)

                                       McAfee Consumer Products - Types of Support


                                  Again, this is (My) personal opinion. Quite possibly others will pick up this thread,and add to the discussion.


          Wishing you all the very best


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            Mods do not have this info all i can give is


            You can do a customer service chat or call and they can confirm if they are an authorized reseller.


            They have a green siteadvisor tick and current Mcafee secure icon.


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            just former posts re this

            Is mcafeeprotection.com a scam?

            Really ask Mcafee they will confirm

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              People have reported many popups occurring on Winferno-bought McAfee software exhorting them to buy more Winferno products.   Their customer service isn't the best as far as I have heard.

              Also there's something I don't trust about such a heavily discounted price from those on the regular website not to mention that Web of Trust (WOT) browser add-on doesn't trust any of  their websites.

              Some discount is a good deal but 70% or more is suspicious.  By all means shop around though, it's your money after all.

              Generally though I have found that heavily discounted software often comes packed with some unwanted baggage along with the main item, so it's a case of buyer beware (Caveat Emptor).

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                I moved this to General Discussion by the way.