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    Apply policies


      So, I'm dealing with SaaS, and when I create a policy take too long to apply, I use the update option from the client, but I wanna push the policy from the console not from the client.

      How often SaaS clients search for policies? Can I send policies right away after change them?

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          The default McAfee ploicy allows for Policy enforcement to occur every 12 hours . This can be managed to be set to a minimum of 4 hours . A policy check and enforcement does happen every time a system boots up as well




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            ok thanks, but, what if I need to apply a policy right away for any component?

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              You will need to install the client passing the policy you want (modified to be 4 hour check in) instead of the default.


              Due to the nature of a cloud offering it will need to be a poll based from the client based upon the policy - no more push based from the console.