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    WebGateway : Filter https-URL by URL-Path



      one of our customers wants youtube completely blocked, execpt for some disclamiers.


      So what they only want to allow access to the following URLs :





      Now when i try to define a "URL and Application Filtering Rule" with Regular Expression and/or GLOB Expressions it never matches that Rule.


      When i test the Expression (either regex or glob) against the mentioned URL's they match. So i'm certain it's not a matching isssue.


      regex-test.png glob-test.png


      When i enter the domain (youtube.com) in a String-type List instead of a Wildcard Expression-type List, all of youtube.com is allowed. The webgate still does not respect the URL-Path.


      In Troubleshooting => Ruletracing all i can see is the Host-Part of the URL like https://www.youtube.com but never the Path-Part of the URL eg. "/copyright".



      So the Question is, how can i allow or deny access to a HTTPS-URL, based on the URL-Path ?


      Since we intercept all SSL Traffic, the Webgateway should be able to see the URL path, right ?


      Any input is greatly appreciated