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    Cisco ASA with Sourcefire IPS




      I am looking to get syslog files from the SourceFire IPS on the Cisco ASA platform to ESM.  I have configured the IPS to send syslogs to the ESM/ELM/REC combo box, but for somereason they are not presenting themselves to the the Parser.  I can see logs coming from both a tcpdump on the Ethernet interface and inputs from the /var/log/data/inline/thirdpart.logs/<device id>/in directory when I perform a "msgdump -i data.20141106XXXXXXXX | tail".


      I have tried disabling the parser within the data sources, then re-enabling and rolling out the policy as well.  No good.  Could it be the parser is wrong for this device?  Though it looks the same for both the Sourcefire vIPS and the sfr (on ASA) device.


      Looking for an expert opinion.