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    Agent Handler 4.6.8 DMZ Configuration?


      We are in the process of getting an Agent Handler (4.6.8) installed in our DMZ. Our primary goal is to reach out to any/all laptops that happen to venture off-network. Current state is that we have no coverage for laptops that are off-network. Reading through the product guide I am not understanding how we can dynamically get off-network laptops to automatically connect to the new DMZ Agent Handler once it is built.


      It looks like it either requires a system tree location or list of IP addresses in order to create an Assignment Rule. We can't use System Tree because we have laptops in multiple system tree locations and any of them could go off-network at any time. We can't use IP addresses because I obviously don't know what IP address a laptop is going to have when it goes offline. So how am I supposed to set this up? I also don't know if I am supposed to use Agent Handler assignment rule, or create an Agent Handler group. I don't get the difference between these and the product guide doesn't really explain it. Should I have 2 assignments? 2 groups? Neither? Both?


      Currently we have our EPO server and 2 internal Agent Handlers in a "Default Assignment" which just contains all 3 and they are connected to evenly by internal hosts.

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          Laszlo G

          If you cannot use the system tree for assigment rules then your best option would be creating an asignment rule to use any Agent Handler so cumputers will try to connect to any of them until one responds.


          Be aware that doind this would be like a load balancer so you may have the same number of computers dinamically assigned to each AH