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    Following people ?


      I have a question about following other posters. I like that I can click on stream and see what everyone is saying but can i stop getting the inbox notifications every time someone I am following post to a threat I am not following ?


      So I like the part where I can click on connection stream and see all there post but don't want the inbox notifications from post I am not part of.


      is this possible ?

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          Peter M

          If you follow a person they will be notified of that fact, and you will be notified of everything they do.  Best not follow them and simply subscribe to threads that interest you or to a complete area that suits the software you are using.

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            I also recommend, selecting a Stream and not Inbox when connecting with other users. This will allow you to view activity within your stream without subscribing to their online activity via email. Let me know if that doesn't help.



            (Image edited as phone numbers were visible)

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              Peter M

              Update:  The Follow button has now been replaced with Add as friend:


              Once clicked that becomes:


              You can then click the Following button to decide which stream you want to follow them in, if you wish to follow them.

              N.B. They will still be notified of the friending and the following actions.

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