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    MSMS 3.0: MSMS(Mozilla UI) display issue


      Hi all,


      Have deployed MSMS via ePO to four SharePoint 2013 Servers successfully, and applied working relevant policy sets as well. No errors at either the ePO end or the Agent end...

      After much digging (particularly on this forum), I have managed to get the on access AV scanner to block upload and downloads for eicar test text files...which is great:-)


      However, when i fire up the MSMS (Mozilla UI), the dashboard clearly states that the on access settings are disabled...which contradicts the OA scanner blocking the upload and download as stated before...VSE 8.8 is on these servers as well, but i have disabled OAS here.


      1).     Is there something I am missing in terms of configuration?

      2).     Is there a fault with the Mozilla GU?

      3).     When i attempt to run the MSMS (Web UI), I get a HTTP error 53...does the Mozilla UI use the same port/web service?


      Thanks in advance,