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    McAfee agent service and CPU


      I've just installed Endpoint Security 10.0 on a new PC a couple of days ago, and have noticed that the agent service (masvc.exe) continuously takes up at least 50% of CPU usage.  Has anyone else noticed this? 

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          We haven't come across this in other customers until now . Are you managing your endpoint through Epo cloud or through Security Center(mcafeeasap.com) ? On a Security Center managed machine, this service takes around 3-4 kb on an average and any spike if seen should be temporary and only during policy enforcement .
          Which OS are you using and did you try a reinstall ?



          Chandan Kundapur

          SaaS endpoint Product Management team

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            Using Windows 7 Pro, managed with Security Center.  I've been unable to completely uninstall Endpoint Security -- I can remove the firewall, but not threat prevention or the agent.  Using add/remove programs doesn't work, as the uninstall process gets to "gathering required information", then nothing.  Trying to uninstall Mcafee agent gives me a "can't uninstall agent because it is in use by other programs" error.  Using the cleanup utility also won't uninstall ES.

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              We have a new version of the uninstall utility that was posted online today . This can be accessed at http://vs.mcafeeasap.com/mc/vs100/data/mvsuninst.exe


              Once you download the tool, please right click and run the tool as an admnistrator . Please let me know if you still have issues with uninstall with this tool as well




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                I'm still unable to completely uninstall McAfee.  The tool did enable me to finally uninstall McAfee Agent via the control panel, but I still can't uninstall Threat Prevention.  I've tried to reinstall Endpoint Security, but the installer fails when installing prerequisites. 

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                  I've just installed 10.0 to a testing PC (Win 7 Pro, dual-core Pentium D, 2GB RAM), and see the same behavior.  Agent service consumes 29-50% CPU constantly.  I just installed another program, and between mcshield and masvc processes the CPU was at 100%.  During installation of this other program, agent service would dip to less than 50%, but never less than 29%.  Once installation had completed, agent service went back up to 50%.  This is over the course of one hour.

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                    this tool just worked great for me (Win7P-32bit).


                    Going to use it to uninstall on an XP box here in a minute.   Great tool.   Thanks!

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                      Thanks for confirming this . Could you please mail me your Security center ( mcafeeasap.com) Log in ID or your grant number . I will have someone from support reach out to you and collect the logs so that we can trouble shoot this . My E-Mail is chandan_kundapur@mcafee.com




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                        We are having the same issue.  Installing on Win 8.1 Surface Pro 3 devices after 24 hours the agent consumes a constant 30% CPU.  We are unable to uninstall McAfee agent as "other programs are using" it.  The uninstall for McAfee Endpoint Protection fails and stays on the machine, it does remove it from our portal though (Causing trouble).  The uninstall tools do not work.


                        We eventually had to wipe the Win 8.1 computer as it was consuming too much CPU and draining the battery.  Even on a fresh Windows 8.1 install after 24 hours McAfee was back to 30% CPU.

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                          Note- Disabling BitLocker appears to allow McAfee agent and associated services to return to a normal level.  Rather than wipe the computers we will temporarily disable BitLocker until a fix is posted and verify.  jminton can you confirm BitLocker or other encryption is active on affected machine(s)?

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