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    ePO 5.1.1 & Agent 5.0 Missing Client Event Data




      We have recently upgraded our test environment endpoints to agent 5.0 to prepare for a production rollout (production environment is ePO 5.1.1 and agent 4.8.1500).


      In our test environment we have a number of distributed repositories configured via http, unc and ftp to mimic our current production environment


      With agent 4.8.1500 and previous versions there is a client event category called "Site Name" which we used to verify if endpoints were updating from the correct LAN environment instead of across the WAN.


      Since the upgrade to agent 5.0 the agent / ePO no longer collects the "Site Name" information, it is blank.


      We can verify that endpoints are still updating from their correct repositories from the logs however the "Site Name" is no longer populated resulting in empty reports.


      A rollback to the previous agent generates the "Site Name" again.


      We have enabled all logging in agent 5.0 including detailed logging however the "Site Name" event field remains blank.


      Has anyone else experienced similar issues?