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    scan hangs at 99% again weeks after applying fix


      BT netprotect plus

      McAfee security centre:

      Version: 12.8

      Build: 12.8.992

      Affld: 691

      Last update 03/11/2014


      McAfee antivirus and anti spyware

      Version: 16.8

      Build:  16.8.821

      Last update: 06/11/2014

      Engine version 2064.0

      Engine creation date: 05/11/2014


      PC: windows 8.1 (all up to date), about 3 months old.


      Sorry can't remember the exact dates but not long after I started using my laptop I had the " scan stuck at 99% error so I applied the patch. All was fine until today, when a scheduled scan started when I was working on my PC and now it is sticking at 99% again (98 on a quick on demand scan).

      I don't know if this is relevant but the internet was down when I turned my laptop on and action centre said there was an app crash with McAfee (although McAfee was green with no issues).

      MVT said no issues