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    DLP Tagging on Visual Studio


      Hi All,


      I'm having a issue with auto tagging visual studio outfile files. Had declared a Tagging Rule> Application Based Tagging Rule: "devenv.exe"

      Did a simple project, build and saved the project, however the files output is not tagged. I'm guessing the the application called for another function to save the files?


      Another similar issue is while declaring another tagging rule for "outlook.exe", the emails dragged directly from msoutlook to any folder is tagged (which is correct) but if I were to open up the email and use save as from there, the saved email is not tagged.


      Anyone can share some advise or experience? Feel free to throw in


      Version Details:

      ePO v4.6

      DLP v9.3

      Visual Studio: .net & 2007

      MSOutlook: 2007 & 2010


      Thanks for the time!




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          Play around with the original filename and hash value, managed to get my VS output tagged.


          With regards to the outlook issue, discovered that manual dragging email to be saved in local folder, the tagging works. Meaning that the dragged email is tagged. However, if I open up the email and go to File> save as, the saved file is not tagged. Anyone?