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    Total Protection 'Installation Incomplete'


      I'm trying to install Total Protection on Windows 7 computer that previously had Security Center (that had expired) installed on it. The first time I attempted to install Total Protection, it uninstalled Security Center for me. Then, after downloading everything it tells me "Instalation Incomplete". So I attempted to run Virtual Technician as the installer suggested. It reported a few errors; Missing SSL 2.0 and SSL3.0 certificates, Clear Temporary Internet Files, Clear DNS Cache, VBSCRIPT.DLL or JSSCRIPT.DLL is corrupt, Delete Chrome Cache, Certificate Revocation List is turned on. After clicking Fix All, it said it wasn't able to fix; Clear Temporary Internet Files, Clear temporary folders and Delete Chrome Cache, so I performed these manually and rebooted. I attempted to install Total Protection again, and I end up with "Installation Incomplete". So, then I tried running the MCPR and PreInstall tools (rebooting between each). Running the installer again tells me "Installation Incomplete". I ran the MCPR tool again, rebooted, enabled the Administrator account attempted the install again. Still I get "Installation Incomplete".


      I have attached the MVT Problem Log, the install logs from C:\ProgramData\McAfee\MCLOGS\McInst.

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