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    Why does McAfee always, and I mean ALWAYS slow down my PC?


      Dell XPS 420 (all stock, nothing modded)

      Windows Vista Home Premium

      SP 2

      32 Bit

      Intel Core 2 Quad


      [Make all the wise@$$ remarks you want about Dell, but this machine processes loads of DSP and audio without glitching even a tiny bit]


      I use my computer for Web Design, Audio Production, and daily tasks such as web surfing; mostly to look up stuff that has to do with music marketing or newsie sites.  I rarely download anything, and it's even more rare, if even ever, that I open and run files without scanning them with McAfee. 


      After this last go round of the 420 snail, which is still on going, I decided to check MBAM and see if maybe I had an infected computer, and nothing. 


      That leaves only one suspect - McAfee.  It's been the same problem, over and over since approximately 2006 when I had a boat anchor HP that was slow enough without any help with McAfee.  Every computer I have ran with McAfee has eventually ended up running way too slow.


      Now, this problem is my first of it's nature: it started a scheduled scan, hung up at 5%, and it will not let me cancel the scan or end the process, but it will let me surf the net at such slow speeds that by the time a news site loads, I'm reading ancient history instead of breaking news...  (My internet connection is alright on every other device in the house)


      So, what's the problem?  Why did McAfee hang up?  Why won't it let me cancel the scan?  Why is it that my PC always has issues with McAfee even with stock settings?


      As far as I'm concerned, the Shredder and Scanner are worth keeping the whole software suite, but only if I can have a fast machine.

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