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    Missing C:\Program Files\mcafee\virusscan\instld.inf


      I just upgraded my McAfee installation. Now, I get frequent pop-ups saying that real-time virus scan is off. I know it's off (I will be purchasing it, but can't yet), and so I checked the box that said not to show the message again, but it does. Every few minutes. I thought it might be a problem with my installation so I tried the McAfee Virtual Technician. The only problem it finds is a missing file: C:\Program Files\mcafee\virusscan\instld.inf, and it says it cannot resolve it.


      1. Could that cause McAfee to ignore the checkbox saying to stop displaying that warning?

      2. If it's not the cause, could the missing file cause a problem?

      3. If the file is necessary, is re-installing the best way to replace it?