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    MWG 7.5.0 Dashboard Error


      I'm getting a reoccurring error in the dashboard


      "An operating system error exception occurred with error message : Connection refused because the centralized updater tried to connect to the host crl.aol.com"


      I'm running 7.5.0 (build 18234)


      An excerpt from the logfile mwg-coordinator.errors.log:


      [Coordinator]] [Update ProcessDownloadFailedBadCode] Failed to download file: 'crl/Dell%20Inc.%20Enterprise%20CA.crl', while host:'dellincca.dell.com' sent back HTTP-Code: '503' [CHTTPUpdateClient::DownloadFile]


      I dont think its affecting anything performance wise, but if someone has seen this and is able to remedy this annoyance..





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