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    Adding Tags to Subgroup Sorting Criteria via API




      I'm trying to automate sorting of new machines.  I'm adding a new subgroup based on customer name, then adding a new tag with same name, and then sort any machine with that tag into the new subgroup.  Adding subgroup and tag is not a problem but manipulating the sorting criteria is.  I have not found any api command to do that.  I'm running 5.1.1.


      Manual way:  Got to System Tree, click on subgroup, click on Group Details, click on Sorting Criteria, click on Systems that match any of the criteria below, click on Add Tags, select tag and then click save.

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          Unfortunately, there is currently not any method to manipulate Sorting Criteria through the Web API. You can tag the systems and you can do the sort itself via Web API, but Sorting Criteria is not currently exposed. However, this is not the first time I've heard a request for exposing this functionality through the Web API and we will continue to take this into consideration moving forward.