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    Which LocalSecurityPolicies are need


      Hi everybody,

      does anyone know which Local Security Policies are need by the McAfee Account and the Account, which hosts the Application Pool of the SharePoint Webapplication?

      Its needed to make it work that you will see the name of the user and the URL to which the file was uploaded within the MSMS Management Console.

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          Issue was fixed. Now we can see the Username and the Target URL on which the infected document was uploaded to.

          The solution include the following two tasks, which have to be executed on each Webfrontend:

          - Grant FullControl for the IIS_IUSRS Group on the Reg-Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\McAfee\McAfee PortalShield\trace

          - Grant "Local Launch" permission for IIS_USRS Group on DCOM Object PSPickerx64Srv