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    Mcafee for Linux



      I have a set of 20 Windows PC's running in VLAN and I'm planning to implement McAfee On-Demand scan. I will update .DAT and run Full scan on each PC.

      I also have one PC running Linux. I'm planning to use it for On-Access scan because we often use USB flash drives.

      The plan is: before using flash drive on any of 20 PC's it should be scanned on that dedicated Linux machine. I plan to update .DAT on Linux the same way I will do on Windows.

      My questions:

      1. Is McAfee VirusScan free and I could download rpm or I should buy it?

      2. Could I use the same .DAT file for both Windows and Linux?

      Thanks in advance.

      P.S. I am debating if I could use Linux OS for On-Access scan and in case it'll be more problem I'll try to find one more Windows PC