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    Automated Deployment with AD Sync


      I have gone from a manual tree structure to an AD Synced structure.  I was in the process of moving off the old server so I had not set "

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          Laszlo G

          Hi jwood.mls when you set the "


          If you also want to deploy VirusScan then you need to set a deployment task to be launched inmediatly or at a specific time and so the new computers will download this new task and execute it at the defined moment

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            Just to add to this, if the machine already has VSE installed, you do not need to re-install VSE or any other modules. All you will need to do is install the agent, let it communicate with the new server, and it will pull down and then enforce the policies for VSE from the new server.

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              fitchsoccer342 I think that is where my confusion comes in a bit.  Essentially everything in my tree right now has both the agent & VSE installed, but I want anything new to get both the agent and VSE.  So for the Agent, I check the setting in the AD Sync settings. For deployment, I'm assuming the deployment task need only have VSE in it since the systems should already have the agent installed from the AD sync settings.  How should it be scheduled? To run immediately? Also, will setting the task up and applying it to existing tree structure, will it try to push out VSE again even though those systems already have VSE installed?

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                Laszlo G

                You can set it immediately or at a specific time (checking the run missed task box) so it will be deployed over the days to any computers without VSE.


                The deployment task works this way: mcafe agent launches de deployment task for VSE, it connects to ePO and downloads the catalog.z file (~10KB). The catalog.z has allinfo about the product you're going to deploy, mcafee agents compares with the installed products on the computer and if it's already installed then connections closes and no package is downloaded