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    update on false positive


      why there is no update from Mcafee about NSIS getting detected as a false positive?

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          I think the main problem is that nobody who


          - could provide a technical response why the false positive happens

          - can make an official statement why McAfee has not yet responded


          is participating the community. This forum is not an official support channel, there are no dedicated employees for the community nor exist any service level agreements. In fact the McAfee people participating here are employees working with the product in support, development, qa or with customers - everyone helping here is doing this in his spare time or besides the regular tasks.


          In other words: While we try to keep the community helpful for everyone and while I understand the concerns mentioned in the various threads this is not the right place to get this topic sorted out. This is not the right place to kick off any official work flow that exists nor is it the place to get an issue escalated.


          You will have to follow the official paths that exists, e.g. provide samples to technical support. If this does not lead to what you are interested in you need to escalate your service request following the official paths, which means through sales or a support account manager.




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                             Thank you for your comments. I moved the following issues to (Endpoint Security) as you suggested in another thread regarding this matter. Please apprise if this is the appropriate section ,to garner more attention to the matter?

            Re: McAfee deletes installation files


                            To include following your Instructions/Guidelines here-in.

            Kind Regards,


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            (Consumer Products)

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              Hmm yes what you are saying is true and appreciate your time taken. We have submitted the file for analysis to mcafee and waiting for a reply from them.

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                Probably because the owner of the NSIS software hasn't obtained all the necessary clearance, or if he/she has recently changed that software, new clearance has to be obtained.   They are the ones who should be pursuing it with the labs.

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                  Sorry, I amended my previous post.  There is very little we can do in these forums.  The owner of NSIS should be following up with McAfee directly.  Until that's cleared there isn't much point in all the threads here for software based on NSIS.

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