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    Anti virus and anti spyware will NOT install!!


      I'm about ready to give up!!


      Older computer, Running XP with service pack 3...


      current McAfee Security Center:


      Version 12.8

      Firewall 13.8

      Firefox 33.0.2 (main browser)

      IE 8 (default settings)


      I have about 9 months left on my license, but I'm about ready to cancel!!


      I have uninstalled 3 times using add/remove and MCPR...have also run Mcpreinstall, with no issues..scanned with malwarebytes..no issues...Scanned with getsusp.  3 suspicious files...2 of which I recognized...the 3rd I researched and seemed ok...


      I have installed 3 times...and everything installed perfectly except the anti virus/anti spyware...therefore, I can't scan anything...this all started after an update on either 10/30 or 10/31...can't remember which...


      Another oddity is that when I run Virtual Technician, it states that no product was found...What????!!!


      Any suggestions?

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