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      i have configured site to client vpn it was working fine when I have created site to site VPN then my site to client does connects but not able to use the resource like ping and remote session all the lights looks green on site to site and site to client



      right now site to site is also green but do not allow to ping the router internal ip which is partner for NGFW vpn

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          I would start analyzing this by checking what logs are showing. Do you see logs for traffic from VPN client virtual adapter IP address?


          For site-to-site VPN, does logs show that traffic is allowed through correct VPN? If yes, do you see outgoing ESP packets sent to remote GW IP address using (correct) outbound SPI? If you see packets sent out with outbound SPI, do you see those packets reaching peer GW and do you see logs on peer GW for traffic that should be coming through VPN tunnel?