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    Problem with iTunes


      I am unable to download anything from iTunes and on googling the error the general consensus is that the problem is related to the anti-virus software. I downloaded 2 days ago with no problem so I'm not too sure that this suggestion is wrong. The advice is to turn off the anti virus software while doing the download. Now this doesn't make sense to me - why would one hav anti-virus software that you have to turn off when you want to download.


      I'm not sure whether I should star a second discussion for this but I'm also having a problem with IE. Its' suddenly started complaining about the proxy server and wants it turned off. Windows 8.1 won't allow me to turn it off. Could this have anything to do with McAfee ? Ths also was working

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          In regards to your Internet Explorer 11 issue. In Windows 7, it is set by default to Automatically Detect settings. The Proxy settings box under your Lan Connections should be (Unchecked. I am not certain as to why suddenly your Proxy settings have changed?


          I am aware that you are running Windows 8.1.


          You can Click on the (Gear) Top Right/Internet Options/Connections/Lan Settings/ and make certain the box is unchecked, and set to automatically detect settings at the top. Close browser/reopen and then see if this makes a difference.


          If this does not solve the issue,you can try (Resetting Internet Explorer 11) to it,s default settings. Of course keep in mind you will lose personal settings/preferences/etc... you may have customized. Quite possibly someone could add further to this discussion.


          All the best,


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            As for the iTunes issue, I seem to recall some of the other Moderators addressing this issue in the past.

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              Hi Catdaddy,


              Thanks for the help. My IE problem is resolved thanks. I did search through the discussions to find something on the iTunes issue but didn't see anything relevant. I eventually managed to download the upgrade directly to my phone so I suspect its got something to do with Windows 8 and not McAfee after all. A successful night's work - thanks again for the help.

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                Peter M

                I have iTunes installed and have never had to do anything at all to get it to work perfectly.  Sorry I really don't know what to suggest other than make that free phone call (or online chat) to Technical Support, see link below.

                The old issue with iTunes was something totally different. There was an issue with it remembering its settings and, although it wasn't the fault of any anti-virus, Apple refused to fix it so the A/V companies built a workaround into their software that took care of it anyway.

                I never had that issue either.

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                  Glad that your Internet Explorer 11 is okay.

                  All the best,