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    McAfee MOVE agentless 3.0 - statistics from SVA




      do you know, if there is possibility to get statistic details about scanned files on SVA ? I mean how many files was scanned on SVA for concrete VM. Something similar is possible for MOVE AV MP, see here: McAfee Move mvadm status explanation?.

      In EPO, I can see only detected threats.

      I know about log files on SVA, specially usefull is : /opt/mcafee/move/log/mvsvc.log, but I am looking for something else.


      thank you


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          command prompt and 'mvadm stats' works for me still on my offload scanners, I don't think the SVA has that data although the release notes did mention improved reporting but I am yet to find anything useful.


          Rather than what stat are you looking for, what question are you trying to answer? Or perhaps what value are you trying to show MOVE gives?


          My questions are generally answered by the mvadm stats bit for some generic numbers. and then throwing on the eicar test file to show users speed at detection/reporting.