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    554 Denied cs on outgoing email from our own MXLogic domain


      I don't understand how this is happening, but I'll explain what I'm seeing. 


      Yesterday my network was hit with a Cryptowall infection.  Almost immediately I was able to discover and shut down the offending PC.  Unfortunately, enough spam was generated from this infection that I got red-flagged by 6 RBLs.  Fine.  I took care of my internal data and then this morning worked on getting delisted from those RBLs.  I'm currently still stuck on the LASHBACK and UCEPROTECTL1 lists, and as I understand it there isn't anything I can do to quickly get removed from those.  So because of these two RBLs, I'm technically still a red-flagged IP address. 


      What's strange is that I am currently a user of the MXLogic/McAfee SaaS Email Protection service, and yet WE are getting 554 Denied CS error emails bounced back at us when we try to send email.  Can someone help me understand why it's blocking our outgoing emails?  If it was someone else's service, I would totally understand it, but this is our MXLogic service, and it doesn't make sense that it would even SEE my outgoing emails...


      Help, please!!