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    Completed Software Update Not Recognized


      The McAfee Security Suite installed on my laptop is provided by my ISP, AT&T.  A recent software update triggered a notification that it was successfully installed, but the update area on the Security Suite window continues to indicate there are updates available and will not recognize their installation.  Despite querying the servers again and receiving a message in the update area that the software is up to date, the McAfee Updates area remains red rather than green and the system tray icon displays a white exclamation mark upon a red field over the McAfee shield.  Using the McAfee Virtual Technician from the tech support page, it evaluated the McAfee software and stated there was nothing wrong with it and it was operating normally. 

      So, after using all of the self-help tools available, what else can be done on the user side before placing a call into customer support?  Would uninstalling the entire package and re-installing the software clear up the problem?  Has anyone experienced this specific problem and solved it on their own?  Please send help!   Thank You!!