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    Import new HIPS 8.0 policy and shows up blank?


      I am working on whitelisting within HIPS 8.0. I have created my policy and exported into a .xml to import into my ePO server. When importing the HIPS 8.0 policy I recieve no errors and it shows up within the rules section. I click the policy to see what signatures are there and what exemptions are there. After selecting the policy I recieve a blank screen. No signatures and no exemptions, only button visible is "close". I re-export this time to HIPS 7.0 and run the same test. And I can view all policies and exemptions. Any reason why there is a difference between being able to veiw HIPS 8.0 and HIPS 7.0? I have upgraded my HIPS to 8.0 from 7.0 and running on ePO 4.6.7.