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    Backup and restore to new ePO server with new name, IP and installation path - at which stage does it go wrong?




      This question has been asked in numerous different ways before, and there are a number of community posts and KB articles related to it, however some of the wording and phrasing can be a little ambiguous, and I want to check what the potential issues of the following approach will be.  Note that for various reasons this is the preferred approach of a client I am working with at present.


      We have an ePO server 4.6.6 managing VSE and HIPS.  The request is to migrate from a physical to a virtual platform (same ePO, product and OS versions), however due to the current setup and new internal conventions, the new server is to have both a new name and new IP address, and the client want to  migrate via a backup and restore (the directory locations and partitions will also be different).


      From what I have read, I could follow KB71078 and this would handle the changes in installation paths.  After the restore, based on a comment in this community post (old), a reboot of the server would result in ePO hopefully picking up the new server name when the machine restarts.  This then leaves us with the agents unable to communicate.  My idea is then to update the DNS entry (for the old server name), so hopefully the below would happen:


      - Managed agent tries to communicate with old IP and fails

      - Managed agent looks up (old) server name and receives IP address of new ePO server

      - Managed agent connects to new ePO server, pulls down new sitelist, and everybody is happy (yay!)


      Where I *think* this may go wrong is if any part of the payload in the communications includes the ePO server name, as this may fail.  I am also thinking about the security keys - does any communication reference the name assigned to these keys?


      Basically, I am trying to understand that if this will fail, *at which point* it will fail.  I will also be happy with an answer such as "it may work, give it a whirl (in a test environment!)" :-)


      I am checking this as there are numerous articles that cover changes of ePO server name, ePO server IP and ePO installation paths, but they always have caveats such as "if you change any *one* of <things mentioned>", which implies that you may not be able to change 2 (or even 3, as is the case above... :-\).