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    ESM Restoration test




      I would like to perform a ESM full restoration test, to ensure that it works correctly ( the full Backup file is located on external  storage location : SAN). But  i do not want to do that on the production environment,

      So i have installed a ESM VM, and i have restored the full backup file from the NAS, but the VM has took a long time to rebuild the databas ( 8 days) and finaly i have lost the access to the VM.

      My question is:


      The version of the VM test must be identical to that in production to perform the restoration test ?
      Are there other recommendation ?



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          Richard Hart

          Technically this might work, but ymmv.


          Yes. You need to make sure that both ESMs are the same version. I would make sure that they're the same down to the HF number. You can do so by checking the buildstamp in the CLI;

               cat /etc/buildstamp


          You want to make sure that both ESMs have the same amount of storage, meaning you want to follow the recommendations in the VM Best Practices guide to build out the same type and amount for disk required by the ESM.

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            Cold you please attach the mentioned "VM Best Practices guide" about how to set up storage, please?