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    Looking for information on Real-Time Alerts


      Hello All,


      I am sure I have seen this information before but I can't seem to find it. I am running ePO 5.1 with VSE 8.8 and I am looking to setup realtime alerts for any Malware or Trojans. Is there a guide or someones personal notes that explains how to setup so that I get an email as soon as something is detected in realtime?


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          What you could do is setup an automatic response to send an email everytime a certain threat type is triggered. Remember that this is not "real-time" and is based on your ASCI for when the agent sends the threat events to ePO. But here if how to set that up.


          Menu > Automation > Automatic Responses;

          Create a response to:

          Event group: ePO Notification Events

          Event type: Threat

          Filter for Threat Type = trojan/adware/spyware/etc.

          Actions: Send Email


          Or instead of having an email, you could setup a query to list Malware detections and then display it as a dashboard, that's what I've got setup: