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    Offline policies


      Is there some way to create offline policies for client without fast connection to the ePO server?

      The goal is create a package to send it via email or another, to those systems that no have good connection to the server.

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          There's no way to do this that I know of, I'm afraid.

          However policies (and tasks) are not very large - certainly not compared to DAT updates, for example - and so generally speaking they don't cause a significant problem.

          What sort of bandwidth do these clients have to the ePO server?


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            thanks for reply, is not exactly a bandwidth problem, it was a customer, who for some reason want this kind of functionality, I tried to explain that policies doesn't weigh too much, but really, he wants portable policies.

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              Hi j4bz,

              it depends on the product where you can build a deployment package. This is the only way.


              VSE: Installation Designer where you can implement a policy

              HIPS: Fresh Installation where you can import the settings with a registry file (IPS must be disabled at this time) and the client control utility.

              MAC: You can start s script to add policies to application control.


              From a security perspective we need a level of security to avoid "Man-in-the-Middle" attacks to endpoints products. I think McAfee does this job very well.


              Hope this helps,

              Cheers, Thorsten