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    RealTime 2.1.0 - No Questions


      I have installed and configured RealTime 2.1.0 (Realtime server is installed on a Windows 2008 R2 server), I have installed the ePO components to out ePO 5.1.1 server.


      When attempting to "Ask a Question" I'm being told that there are no questions found. I am being asked to verify the following:

      • Real Time Server is installed and configured - to the best of my knowledge it is
      • Real Time Server is running and reachable - I'm getting the green text saying connection test has succeeded when testing via epo server | server settings | real time
      • Real Time Content has been checked into the Master Repository - it has and is showing as an entry in the repository
      • Real Time Content has been processed - Looks like it has....


      22/10/14 16:08:34   Started: Waiting for the Real Time Server to become ready...
      22/10/14 16:08:53   Looking for content files.
      22/10/14 16:08:53   Pre-processing content.
      22/10/14 16:08:54   Processing content stream: McAfeeCoreSensors
      22/10/14 16:08:56   Successfully processing stream: McAfeeCoreSensors
      22/10/14 16:08:56   Completed: Finished content processing.


      Still no questions appearing. I have restarted the mcafee epo services, to see if the list populates, but it doesn't.

      If I try to create a new question, if I put a space in the elements box I do not get a listing of elements either.


      Has anyione else come across this or has anyone any idea as to what has gone wrong with this or know how to fix it?





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          Thinking about this for a few hours, it probably wasn't wise to try to install the Database for RealTime on a SQL2012 server, not supported according to the product guides. This might just be a case of "Read The Manuals". Also the ePO server is running on a 2012 Server. Will try reinstalling the RealTime Server with a SQL 2008 server.