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    Black Pop-up Won't Stop - Artemis!8D95D3CFA1F2


      For the past few days I've been getting this black, translucent rectangle that slides up from the bottom of my screen that says:


      McAfee I Total Protection Service              File deleted - (a bunch of numbers and letter).dll

                                                                           Artemis! (more numbers and letters)


                                                                             (Location of file)


      It won't let me click anything but "Okay" and I keep getting them every minute. When the pop up my computer freezes for a moment and if I'm typing it stops me from typing any more and I have to click again to continue.


      They started appearing after I installed a sound editor (for music) that looked trustworthy but then it ended up installing a whole bunch of things. I immediately went to my computer's list of installed programs and began uninstalling all of the things that had the date of that day on them. There were about four I believe. After that, my computer told me to reboot, so I did. Then afterward everything seemed okay, just a little slow, and these McAfee things started appearing. I've searched everywhere online and the only help I've found is to clear the cache and reboot. I did both and they stopped for a while but then started up again today. I restarted my computer and cleared the cache again, but it's still popping up.


      Also, I tried updating McAfee because it said the last update didn't install properly, so I clicked 'Update Now' but it wouldn't work and the screen came up said it would close in 9 seconds. I've tried it over and over and have searched all over troubleshooting tips and the help center.


      Does anyone know what is going on with my computer or how to stop it? And if you do know what's happening, will my computer be okay? It's scaring me a little.


      Thank you.


      PS To give you an idea of how often I'm getting these, I typed this all in maybe seven or eight minutes and have received 18 of the McAfee notifications.