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    Standard Configuration for Yahoo Messenger


      Hi All,


      Again and again, yahoo messenger issue...

      several of my client login on YM as a dialup connection (dialup.png) is working, then they were sign out their YM, but when they try to sign in again, can not connect with same internet connection setting, must change to broadband (broadband.png).


      dialup.PNG to  broadband.PNG


      My MWG version = 7.3.2

      Proxy HA. 2 appliances


      please see atachment no auth.png, YM user.png and group ym.png for the rules that i copy from Restricting Yahoo Messenger

      no auth.PNG


      YM User.PNG


      I also create a rule Group Map to YM :

      group ym.PNG


      why my clients have to change the internet connection setting on their YM to sign in?

      when they use MS ISA, the didnt find any problem. they bought MWG for replacing MS ISA.

      is there any additional configuration for these issue?

      i disable the proxy yahoo messenger on MWG.


      Please advice guys..