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    McAfee Agent installation failure through push deployment





      Im trying to push McAfee agent to few machines from the ePO console.
      While pushing the agent its giving some errors

      1.Failed to authenticate with remote system , System error: The Specified server cannot perform the requested operation

      2.Failed to authenticate with remote system, system error : Access denied

      3.Error copying file c:\windows\temp\mfe -1842742606.tmp\FramePkg.exe to \\<machine name>\ADMIN$\FramePkg.exe, System error. The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user mapped section open.

      Agent version : 4.6
      ePO version: 4.6.2



      Kindly help to overcome these issues



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          Verify that you can connect to the Admin$ share on the target machines using the credentials you are asking ePO to use for the install. From the error it looks like that seems to be your problem, credentials.


          One way you could determine it is a network related traffic blocking is by taking the FramePkg.exe and manually install it on one workstation, then see if it can communicate to ePO - if it can't, you will get an error in the Agent_error.log within C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common Framework\DB