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    Windows 7 pc infected with Web Protect virus


      One of our PC's that we bought from Dell in April which has McAfee on it started to flag Web Protect as a virus last week.  Then it would stop allow internet access after about 10 minutes of start up.  We had to reboot to get another 10 minutes of internet use.  So I allow McAfee to quarantine it.  Then I was no longer able to get on the web with IE or Chrome at all.

      I still can ping with success, but can not ping www.google.com from the command prompt.

      When I go to msinfo32 -> component -> network -> protocol I see MyOSProtect (which is part of Web Protect) listed in it which according to Microsoft is bad.

      Things I have tried with no success...

      removed Web Protect from startup in msconfig and reboot.

      manually deleting myosprotect.exe from system32 (get an invalid handle error).

      reset browsers to default

      ipconfig /flushdns,

      netsh winsock reset

      uninstall mcAfee


      Temp fix...

      Restored to last know good configuration (which had McAfee and the virus on it), then turn Real-Time scanning off.

      Remove Web Protect from start up (msconfig) and Allow Web Protect in trusted McAfee configuration.


      Any ideas of what to do for a permanent solution?

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                         Please try the following Removal guide: How to remove WebProtect Ads (Virus Removal Guide)

          You may find these articles most informative, as to how this (PUP) arrived on your system: PUPs - Potentially Unwanted Programs - Basics


          Please post back your results...


          All the best,


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                               To be certain, as I noticed you mentioned (One of your Computers)?

              Should your particular Security Application, being Corporate.? It may be advisable to contact your (Internal Security Team)

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                Hi shayler

                Did you try resetting web browsers including Personal Settings? Also try booting windows to Safe mode with Networking and try removing the application from Control panel followed by removal in local drives. You may also open task manager and see if any process/service related to Web Protect is running - right click and navigate to that location and delete the files after confirming it is related to Web Protect.

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                  Generally, the (Removal Guide) as I suggested, explains all suggested and Either or/ does so during the process.

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                    Thanks for your advise.  I will get the PC back hopefully this weekend or next to try all the steps suggested above.  It is currently working, but with McAfee real time turned off and the virus is still there.  I did try all the safe modes (normal, network, and command prompt), but they did not work.  Even tried to delete all entries from registry without success.

                    FYI, I help to support one location for this client.  They are not in a domain and act independently, so no one controls what they do to their PCs.  Everything they do is internet website based, even email.  I just help keep them connected.  Unfortunately, I have never had a problem like this.

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                                        One of the reasons I chose to recommend the Removal Guide, is there are a "Wealth" of other undesirable programs bundled with this Nasty. As you will see while proceeding through the Instructions/Guidelines.


                      You will be required to Download/Install Malwarebytes (Free Version) Please note..to keep it (Free) DO NOT accept any Free Trial Offers/or activate all throughout the Installation process. You may want to keep this particular Program onboard as a "Compliment", not a "Replacement" to your McAfee Protection.


                      Simply update before scanning as a (On Demand Scanner). It detects varying (PUPS) that most major Ant-Virus Applications consider to be "Borderline",as explained in that other Link I inserted. And is designed to be compatible with all Anti-Virus Applications.


                      I would also recommend running the latest McAfee Getsusp Tool, kindly enter your Email address under "Preferences" before scanning. This will add these detections to the McAfee GTI Database. You can obtain this Superb Program, along with others in the following Link: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


                      Also you stated you  were running McAfee with the RTS disabled? Please know that while doing so, you are not protected. Please Turn back on....Thank you for your correspondence, and please kindly post back your results. If all else fails, you can always contact McAfee Technical Support 24/7. Via Chat/Phone being more expediate.

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                      Generally the Removal Guide solves one,s  issues. Should it be the case you indeed contact TS, please keep the Work Reference # (s) and post back here for quite possibly our Forum Tech ( Selvan ) whom is most knowledgeable. Especially him being Tech Tier 2.5 Engineer and part of Support himself.


                      He could quite possibly review what others have done, and assist in resolving your issues.


                      All the very best,



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