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    Can I apply 2 different policies to 1 system



      I am fairly new to epo 4.6, so I may be going about this the wrong way.  I have serveral systems that are running both SQL and Veritas Backup Exec.  I have created 2 separate policies, 1 for SQL exceptions, which includes the virusscan exclusions detailed in KB67211, and a separate policy for Backup Exec, which includes the virusscan exclusions detailed in KB68701.  I can apply the first policy fine and the exclusions are applied to the system.  When then try and apply my second policy, it overwrites the exclusions applied in the first policy with the new set of exclusions.  Am I only able to apply one policy per system? or is there another way of applying 2 sets of Virusscan exclusions to the same system.

      Many thanks