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    selective masquerading



      i'd need to understand if it is possible to use masquerading in a selective way.

      i use a meg appliance to manage a domain, mydomain.com, and a subdomain, mysubdomain.mydomain.com.

      Subdomain is used only for traffic in tls from and towards a particular external subdomain, exsubdomain.exdomain.com.

      My need is this:

      when an account on mydomain.com, for example myaccount@mydomain.com, sends a mail to exsubdomain.exdomain.com, outgoing mail has to be trasformed in a way that the sender is changed in myaccount@mysubdomain.mydomain.com; when the account myaccount@mydomain.com sends mail to other destinations, no sender change is required. So a selective sender address rewriting from @mydomain.com to @mysubdomain.mydomain.com is required.

      I tried to use classic masquerading configuration but i have seen that in this way all outgoing traffic is affected by masquerading, not only traffic towards exsubdomain.exdomain.com as required.

      So i tried to use a custom protocol preset, but because my appliance is in explicit proxy mod it is not possibile to use criteria as destination mail address, destination ip address or  destination host name.