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    DLP - Export Device Incident Parameters




      I want to set permission for an user so he can "Export Device Incident Parameters" in DLP Monitor:



      DLP Incident.JPG



      This is the permission set for DLP where the user is member:


      Permission Set DLP.JPG


      Any thoughs??

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          Try selecting / tick ing the DLP Incidents in DLP Incident Monitor module.


          The export option will not be grayed out after that.

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            DLP 9.3 Patch 5 and 6


            This does not work for all Events at once. You can select ONE Page (The current) and the Export into .CSV an Jump into next page and export.

            If i choose select an all pages and Export the Options is greyed out > I have highest security and roles.


            I think its security related since it's 99% confidential info.


            Exporting from SQL tables i am not sure if that even works or the data is encrypted in there so no DBA can export and hide his traces.