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    Is there any keyword-based filtering to avoid adult-porn content (not URL-based) on any McAfee product ?


      Hello McAfee comunitiy - I have been very concerned about the bad content that every person can get when surfing the web by using adult-porn insinuating words.

      I have tried many software applications that claim to be good options on Parental Controls, and although their effectiveness varies among them, I need to know if there's any McAfee product that can protect out children, and our most loved ones from getting nasty results from the Web, that's why I came to McAfee SaaS Web Protection.


      Most of the software I have tried in the past used to filter by Categories, but not everything is categorized or rated, so many harmless web sites can be prohibited when they shouldn't when not allowing unrated web sites.  Also, there're features like Keyword-based filtering, and although this is what I'm looking for, most of the software I've tried before looks for the custom keywords list in the URL of the web results, but this is a very inefficient way to work because there're tons of contents that don't include the keyword in URLs of the results!


      Hence, what I'm looking for is to know if there's any McAfee product that provides keyword-based filtering to avoid adult-porn content (not URL-based).  Basically this way:

      That the application can consider two factors:

      1 - Keyword (typed in by the user in any web searcher like google, bing, etc.)

      2 - The protocol used (HTTP in this specific case, or any other Torrent-based one that allows file transference for example.  Preserving the way many other applications 'that make use of many other protocols' work.)


      I think that this criteria would be a good base to prevent such bad content, because for example, Google Images or YouTube can display very nasty results by typing a simple, but insinuating words, so if those keywords could be filtered before sending the request to the Internet, we might get much healthier web results by stopping-blocking the query in earlier stages of the query process for the Web.


      Please, your comments are very welcome.

      I really need to know if there's such product.


      -- Michael