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    McUICnt.exe steals the current windows focus every 3 hours. How can I stop this?


      For some time, I have been struggling with programs losing focus. Finally, I bought the program Focus Taker ID to identify what is causing the problem. Every 3 hours, McUICnt.exe is doing something in my system, and that is causing my current window to briefly lose focus. It returns after about 1-2 seconds. This is extremely annoying because, if I am typing in a window (like this), I will lose keystrokes! This particularly is annoying when I am gaming. For instance, on Lumosity, where scores are particularly important and based on time-reaction, McUICnt.exe completely ruins the game and skews my scores because my reaction time is destroyed when this happens.


      What is McUICnt.exe doing every 3 hours? Can I somehow adjust that to only perform its function every 12 hours or 24 hours? I looked everywhere in the settings, and I cannot find a scheduled job that is running every 3 hours. Further, I checked the Windows task scheduler, and I cannot find any McAfee jobs in there at all.


      Please, McAfee, fix this as soon as you can. I had to buy a $10 program to figure out what was taking over my computer because I thought I had Malware or something worse installed. It is very disheartening to find out that it is actually a McAfee product causing all my trouble.


      I love the product, and I look forward to a resolution.


      Kindest regards,


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