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    DHCP problem mcafee firewall enterprise ?


      hi everyone, i have a dhcp problem with mcafee firewall enterprise s1104

      this is my topo :

      Modem ADSL(dhcp server). FW(Transparent mode. ip: .

      and now , client can not get ip address from dhcp server(modem), and workstations can only put static ip address to the internet.

      how to resolve this situation ? any ideal.. ??? thank for help !

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          Moved this to Firewall Enterprise for better handling.



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            I suggest you call in to Support and do a remote session so we can see if you have the DHCP Relay rules set up correctly on the firewall.


            You can use these commands to help you troubleshoot:

            $> region
            -- Shows you the zone numbers for each zone name.  The following commands only display the zone number from 'region.'

            $> ifconfig bridge0 addr
            -- Lists the addresses learned by the bridge and shows which interface in the bridge saw that IP/MAC combination


            $> ifconfig bridge0 flush
            -- Flushes all the learned addresses

            $> ifconfig bridge0 maxaddr [size]
            -- The default size is 100 entries in the bridge table.  You may or may not have to increase this someday.

            $> arp -an
            -- Shows your arp table


            $> route -n get [IP address]
            -- Shows which interface a packet would go out if it is destined for [IP address]